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Commercial CCTV Surveillance

Business - Commercial - Retail Multi-Unit Properties

Crimtech Security Systems - Designed and Installed Specifically for Your Business.

Business Access Control

Protect your premises with cutting-edge Security / Access Control System Solutions

Ensuring the absolute safety of your business, no matter the size is an imperative security measure of any workplace. Crimtech Access Control solutions help protect you, your business and of course your employees through state-of-the-art digital security systems. Access control is the process of controlling site security through digital and electronically controlled devices, whether that be through keypads, door access entry systems, pin code digital locking and much more.


We understand the importance of choosing the right Security System for your business and that can depend on the facility at hand, the size of the organisation and requirements of the system.

Integrated Security / Access Control systems can work together to provide a comprehensive protective security measure for businesses such as Security Surveillance, Intruder Alarms and

24/7 Monitoring. These measures combined tackle unwanted intruders and help prevent fewer break-ins through up-to-date notifications via wired and wireless technology 24 hours a day.

Inception Security System

Why Access Control?

- Eliminates keys: No need to replace lost keys or re-key due to employee turnover.

- Enhances monitoring: Track who is coming and going for attendance and visitor records.

- Provides time tracking: Know when employees clock in and out to manage coverage and payroll.

Ensure the Security & Safety of Your employees,

Your Business and Your Assets with an Integrated

Access Control System / Security Alarm System.


Why Choose Crimtech Security?

  • We bring years of experience in residential Security, covering all of Canberra & surrounds

  • We are affordable - Security Solutions to suit your lifestyle & budget

  • We are Professional, fully trained & licensed to carry out Security Installations in A.C.T & NSW

  • We are always timely, professional and easy to deal with

  • We build long-term relationships with our customers

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