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The reality is we now live in a high definition world. More and more companies (and home owners) are upgrading existing CCTV systems for IP. Eventually IP CCTV will be the standard for CCTV installation. The technology is changing so quickly that there is always a newer and better option six months later in for both analog and IP products. However, IP will provide you with a longer term solution.

You may see high definition CCTV called HD (high definition), IP, MP (megapixel) or network CCTV. They all refer to the same CCTV technology. This technology offers high resolution recording and playback of security footage on a network system.

The biggest advantage with a megapixel CCTV system is much, much higher resolution video.This high resolution is also retained by the NVR which means you will see the same level of detail as the live image when you play back your recorded footage and take stills from it. As the resolution is increased especially above 2MP you have the ability to digitally zoom into a pre-recorded image without the picture blurring as it does with a low resolution image.

Is the image quality all that’s important? It many instances, yes, particularly if you need to capture detail such as face recognition, to see what is being picked from your warehouse or what changes hands over your till. Poor quality images captured by basic analog systems can be all but useless for retrieving detail or attempting a positive identification. Many people are shocked the first time they try to use their analog recorded footage in this way – we have all become so used to high definition images on everything from our mobile phones to our TVs. So do take the time to consider the issue of image quality very carefully.

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Crimtech Supply & install NX Witness VMS
Crimtech Supply & install NX Witness VMS