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Crimtech install & service Paradox Security Systems

Crimtech can provide, install and monitor Home Alarms, Business Alarms, Commercial and Government Alarms. The purpose of an alarm system is to alert when access to a room, an area or premises has been breached and an unauthorized person or persons have gained entry. An alarm system not only works in warning of an attempted entry or break in, but can also deter burglars and intruders from entering a property. It is much more likely that an intruder would select a property that is not alarmed as opposed to one which is. Different areas necessitate different types of alarms and either a wireless or hardwired system can be installed dependent on your requirements. The majority of systems are hard wired, though a wireless alarm is ideal in locations that may be difficult to hard wire or where portability is essential - such as in a rental property.

Crimtech Monitored Security Alarm Systems